7 Pits Paniyarakkal


Casting Iron Paniyarakkal

We are having cast iron Paniyarakkal in 7 pits, 9 pits & 14 pits. For are giving ring base bottom for seating in burner and for 14 pits we are giving a flat base bottom in which heat can spread equally for all pits.
It requires very less oil to cook. So, the healthy cookware for a fitter you.
Making delicious and tasty paniyaram for the whole family in our Surya cast iron Paniyarakkal.

Diameter : 7.8″(19.5 cm)
Thickness : 7 mm
Length with Handle : 10.8″(27 cm)
Pit Diameter : 2″(5cm)
Pit depth : 1″( 2.5 cm)


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Weight 4.00 kg


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