14 Pits Paniyarakkal


Casting Iron Paniyarakkal

We are having cast iron Paniyarakkal in 7 pits, 9 pits & 14 pits. For are giving ring base bottom for seating in burner and for 14 pits we are giving flat base bottom in which heat can spread equally for all pits.
It requires very less oil to cook. So, the healthy cookware for a fitter you.
Making delicious and tasty paniyaram for the whole family in our Surya cast iron Paniyarakkal.

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Diameter : 9.5″(24 cm)
Pit diameter : 2″( 5 cm)
Pit depth: 2.5 cm
Thickness: 8 mm
Pit depth : 1″(2.5 cm)
Length with Handle : 13″(33 cm)

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