37 Pits Panniyarakkal


Casting Iron Paniyarakkal For Commercial use

We are having cast iron Paniyarakkal in 37 pits. For are giving ring base bottom for seating in burner and for 37 pits  bottom in which heat can spread equally for all pits.
It requires very less oil to cook. So, the healthy cookware for a fitter you.
Making delicious and tasty paniyaram for the whole family in our Surya cast iron Paniyarakkal.

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Casting Iron Paniyarakkal 37 Pits For Commercial use

About cast iron cookware

  • It is definitely worth buy for its health benefits, heat-retention and easy to use nature.
  • Naturally made, cast iron is highly famous for the benefits it has for you. Designed way and the metal used makes it the organic cookware.
  • Cast iron cooking helps your body with an iron intake as it by own nature absorbs iron into your food, which will be beneficial in reducing iron deficiency issues.
  • It is very less oil to cook. So, the healthy cookware for a fitter you.
  • Being toxic free, chemical free and enamel free ensures healthy cooking.
  • The thick bottom of the cookware ensure even heat distribution with superior temperature resistance and no hot spots.
  • The thickness and quality of surya cast Grill Pan gives it longer life and consumes less oil.

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