Grill Pan


Grill Pan
Length : 10.5 (26.5 cm)
Width : 10.5  (26.5 cm)
Thickness : 6 mm
Depth : 3.8 cm
Length with handle : 20 (51cm)
Height : 1.7 (4cm)

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Grill Pan

About cast iron cookware

  • It is definitely worth buy for its health benefits, heat-retention and easy to use nature.
  • Naturally made, cast iron is highly famous for the benefits it has for you. Designed way and the metal used makes it the organic cookware.
  • Cast iron cooking helps your body with an iron intake as it by own nature absorbs iron into your food, which will be beneficial in reducing iron deficiency issues.
  • It is very less oil to cook. So, the healthy cookware for a fitter you.
  • Being toxic free, chemical free and enamel free ensures healthy cooking.
  • The thick bottom of the cookware ensure even heat distribution with superior temperature resistance and no hot spots.
  • The thickness and quality of surya cast Grill Pan gives it longer life and consumes less oil.

Additional information

Weight 4.00 kg
Dimensions 4 × 27 × 27 cm


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